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You Have the Power to Fight Back Against Fake Abortion Clinics by exposing how they prey on pregnant people with false info.

Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) target and harm some of the most vulnerable in our population. These fake clinics advertise on college campuses and in our communities. Women, young people, and people encountering intimate partner violence and sexual assault are victims of CPCs. Black and brown women, women experiencing poverty, and rural women often have less access and fewer options for healthcare. People who need unbiased help and resources are met with stigma, false or misleading information from often unlicensed and not medical professionals.

Lift Louisiana plans to launch a campaign to raise public awareness about CPCs in Louisiana that are unregulated and sell a false narrative to vulnerable people seeking medical care and information. The campaign will encourage people to get the truth regarding these types of clinics and to join our efforts to build public support for policy change by Louisiana lawmakers to regulate these centers so that women get medically accurate information and funding is directed to services women and families need.

We have set a challenge to raise $10K in 10 days to help jumpstart our campaign. it is a short amount of time but we must take bold action to get bold results. Donate today to expose the fake clinics:

$25 - Fight with Facts! Explanation: Your donation would be used as part of a multi-media campaign to educate the public and provide facts and not misinformation about crisis pregnancy centers.

$50 - Expose the Lies! Explanation: will help Lift publish and disseminate an investigative report about how CPCs are funded and expose how they operate through lies and deceit.

$100 - Take the Power Back! Explanation: Your donation will help a pregnant person make a decision that is best for themselves and their family.

$500 - Policy, PLEASE! Explanation: Working to change state policy regarding how Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF tax dollars) are used. Shifting those monies into actually helping impoverished children--what TANF is supposed to do-- and their families instead of promoting false information to pregnant people.